With 10+ years of experience in building and maintaining these lists you can be assured we care about the product. Some of the sites you can buy data from are abandoned and the owners definitely don't care anymore. We on the other hand, love this industry and work full-time to constantly improve our data. The effort we've put into our algorithms (weighting data sources for example) is proof that we are doing our best to rise above the rest. We take this seriously!


To keep things simple and care-free we use Paypal for our transactions. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT, YOU CAN USE A CREDIT CARD.

Once you purchase the database you'll receive an email to download the list. We use the help of Google drive, this is an easier way to download private files. The lists are broken up by state and come in both Excel and CSV. Excel is easy to filter for a particular city/state while CSV is easy for importing into other programs.


With over 1.3 million records it’s impossible to have 100% accuracy and anyone that says otherwise should raise suspicion. Our approach to refining our data is by creating several algorithms for cross-referencing with many public sources. We've worked years building our system to use creative rules for determining the validity of records as well as the individual fields/columns.

Our database was created using various directories and public sources. Verification for the data is an ongoing process that never stops. Without giving away our formula we have found that by weighting sources based on their perceived accuracy allows us to use intelligent comparisons that have a higher amount of logic in the decision to update. We currently have thousands of lines of code we’ve written that analyzes the data, constantly comparing to over a dozen different cross-reference databases for each field. The algorithms we’ve built from years of working with lists and are always running 24/7 working to improve the list.

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For safety and security we use PayPal

Once purchased you'll receive an email to download the database.

You have 1 week to download the database.

Filtering & sorting for counties/cities is easy.

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